Willem Weets WILTFANG was born on 31May 1773 in Groothusen. He died on 25 Jun 1843 at the age of 70 in Uttum. Second Generation 2. Weet JANSSEN was born on 6 Oct 1727 in Groothusen. He died on 27 Aug 1775 at the age of 47 in Groothusen. Gertrud HINRICHS and Weet JANSSEN were married on 14 Jul 1756 in Groothusen. 3. Gertrud HINRICHS was born in 1735 in Groothusen. Weet JANSSEN and Gertrud HINRICHS had the following children: 1 i. Willem Weets WILTFANG, born 31May 1773, Groothusen; died 25 Jun 1843, Uttum. ii. Jan WEETS was christened on 27 Aug 1759 in Groothusen, Germany. iii. Hilke WEETS was born on 24 Jun 1764 in Groothusen, Germany. iv. Greetje WEETS was born on 6 Jul 1766 in Groothusen, Germany. Third Generation 4. Jan WEETS was born in 1701in Rysum, Duitsland. 5. Grietje HINRICHS was born in 1705 in Groothusen, Germany. Jan WEETS and Grietje HINRICHS had the following child: 2 i. Weet JANSSEN, born 6 Oct 1727, Groothusen; died 27 Aug 1775, Groothusen. 6. Hinderk Harms WILTFANK was born on 18 Sep 1706 in Groothusen. Hilke and Hinderk Harms WILTFANK were married in 1730. 7. Hilke was born (date unknown). Hinderk Harms WILTFANK and Hilke had the following child: 3 i. Gertrud HINRICHS, born 1735, Groothusen. Wie weet meer?

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